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Welcome to Vivastream

Vivastream is a social platform designed specifically for upwardly mobile business professionals just like you. Vivastream tells you Who to Know based on your interests, profile, and skills, and helps you connect and interact with other like minded individuals before, during and after the event.

It’s not what you know; it’s who you know

While that may be true, at Vivastream, we’ve kicked it up a notch. We believe it’s not simply who you know that counts. Rather, it’s who you know that knows what you need to know. With Vivastream, you’ll connect with new people that are not only interested in the same topics you care about, but also with those who have the information, knowledge and resources you’re looking for.

How Vivastream works

Before, during and after the event, Vivastream’s social activity engine continuously monitors conversations in real-time, ensuring that trending topics matching your interests are always front-and-center on your radar. As new people join Vivastream, they are instantly added to the pool of attendees. If their expertise and interests matches what you’ve said you need to know, they’re automatically added to your personal Who to Know list. The more qualified they are to help you, the higher they rank on your list.

Vivastream ranks relationships based on relevancy

When something or someone at the conference, tradeshow, or event is important to you from a professional standpoint, you’ll know about it thanks to Vivastream. It’s our spontaneous, real-time discovery and delivery of relevant information and new professional connections that will help make your business better, while also making your time at the meeting more productive, exciting, and enjoyable.