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DMA, Direct Marketing and the Third Mega-Trend:  Sustainability

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The Direct Marketing Association was the first (and still only) US trade association in the advertising field to take a position on carbon management.  On behalf of our business, the DMA Board has committed to 1 million less carbon metric tons through better list hygiene by 2013.  In addition, DMA's Board has embraced a second public goal: 70-percent recovery rate for discarded mail, as measured by the US Environmental Protection Agency, by 2020.  These efforts are aligned as global brands embrace what Harvard Business Review calls the third mega-trend of business from the past half-century:  IT, quality and now sustainability.  Hear what DMA-member experts have to say about the issue, and point to new and existing resources that DMA offers to help marketers with their own sustainability path. "1. Learn why sustainability and environmental performance matters to DMA and the direct marketing community, and indvidual DM businesses and organizations 2. Hear why DMA's Board of Directors have specified two public goals for environmental performance for our field, and how DM companies can help fulfill these goals 3. Explore other opportunities where improved environmental performance can make a bottom-line difference -- and what resources from DMA can help"

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Chet Dalzell

PR Strategist & Practitioner, PR Consultant

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