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Social CRM: Leveraging New Data to Inform CRM

Location: Room 157A 

Social media is more than having a Facebook page or a Twitter account for your company. And social media monitoring has much more value than charts and graphs that show positive or negative trends. Its a source of bountiful information and data that can transform your marketing into relevant content using your customers words and behavior. Sony Electronics will describe how social media content informs their marketing; how the things their customers say online are transformed into marketing copy that hits home; and how social data on their customers provides the ability to look at each of their products in a new and different way, and make the right decisions on campaigns and investments. This methodology of looking at social comes from Harte-Hanks Social suite of services; a unique approach of tying social data to customer databases and driving measurable results from that data by improving campaign performance.

Part of Track:
Brand, Social, & Content Marketing



Pauline Amerson

Marketing Manager, Sony Electronics

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