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Email: Day 1 (Parts 1-3)

Location: Salon 6/7 

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Parts 1-3 (Wednesday, 16 Oct, 1:00pm to 4:30pm)
Part 1: State of the State of Email Marketing
with Karen Talavera
Provides marketers with the latest facts, cases and strategic frameworks they need to understand and execute successful email marketing campaigns. This overview includes a brief introduction of all the parts of a successful email marketing program - from technology, data management, list creation and management, creative, privacy and content strategy. While each aspect will be drilled into in deeper detail further in the Workshop, this overview helps attendees see how all the parts come together.
Part 2: List Growth, Management and Optimization
with Austin Bliss
In email marketing, lists and data management are sort of like "assets and fuel." It's not just a quantity game, but one of quality. Marketers will learn how to effectively grow a responsive, list, and keep the file clean, active and engaged.
Part 3: Understanding Your Subscriber: Data Analysis Fundamentals
with Phil Davis
The basis of any email or direct marketing program is a correct read of the data in order to truly understand the characteristics, preferences and interests of your subscriber base. Big data has made this challenge more complex, but with that complexity comes opportunity. Learn how to focus on the right data, in order to make better decisions and increase ROI.

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Phil Davis

CEO, Rapleaf

Austin Bliss

President & Co-Founder, FreshAddress, Inc.

Karen Talavera

President, Synchronicity Marketing

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