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Location: Salon 10 

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Parts 1-2 (Wednesday, 16 Oct, 1:00pm to 4:30pm)
Part 1: SEO Keyword Research and Content Mapping
with Bill Hunt
After completing this module, you will be able to understand your universe of keywords and available content to ensure that searchers can more effectively find what they are looking for. Case Study: Online Travel Site's Keyword Segmentation and Modeling
Part 2: Fundamentals and Best Practices of SEO
This no-hype module focused on the steps to ensure your site is search friendly and matches the key elements of search engine scoring algorithms. We will focus on the four fundamentals of SEO - indexing, relevance, authority and clickability. The module concludes with a review of actionable best practices for SEO for large and small sites using real sites as examples.

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Bill Hunt

President, Back Azimuth Consulting

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